Remote education VNMU

Available to all teachers and students of VNMU

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Go to service Tutorial

Ideal for studying!


  • Cloud service is always available and unlimited
  • Works in browsers (Chrome, Edge)
  • Desktop software (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Mobile app (iOS, Android)
  • Creating teams (groups)
  • Adding participants manually or with a team code
  • Join with team code
  • Teamwork at any time
  • Chat
  • Attachments (presentations, documents, photos, etc.)
  • Video/audio conference with team members
  • Record and view a meeting
  • Screen sharing
  • Demonstration of PowerPoint presentations
  • Whiteboard
  • Formatting notes
  • Polls (tests)
  • Choosing an interface language
  • Many additional features and modules from Microsoft Office 365
Google Meet

Google Meet

Go to service Tutorial

Ideal for webinars!


  • Cloud service is always available and unlimited
  • Works in browsers (Chrome, Firefox)
  • No desktop software
  • Mobile app (iOS, Android)
  • No teams (groups)
  • Adding participants with link
  • Join with link
  • Work at certain or scheduled time in the calendar
  • Chat
  • No attachments
  • Video/audio conference with participants
  • Record and view a meeting
  • Screen sharing
  • No demonstration of PowerPoint presentations
  • No whiteboard
  • No formatting notes
  • No polls (tests)
  • Choosing an interface language
  • No additional features and modules


Microsoft and Google licenses for all teachers and students of VNMU
Sign in to Google Meet and Microsoft Teams services for VNMU teachers and students
Features of Google Meet and some Google services
Basic features of Microsoft Teams

First steps

To start using remote services it's enough to be a teacher or student of VNMU and follow the underlisted steps:

Step 1 - Login

Make magic with your login to the E-Journal

For example, your login @t999999, remove the @ from login and type domain name

The email will be:

Step 2 - Password

For Google your password is the same as to E-Journal, for example: qwERty78

But for Microsoft magic is needed, that's why you need to add the following symbols to your password: _2Ms

The result will be: qwERty78_2Ms

Step 3 - Sign in

Sign in the services using your new email:

Password for Google: qwERty78

Password for Microsoft: qwERty78_2Ms

Update password, at first sign in

Your corporate email address

Sign in to use email address:

Your login (******* and password for Google from Step 2

Password reset

If you forgot your password for Google or Microsoft services, you can reset it in these services yourself

If you did not specify a backup phone number or e-mail address when you first log in to the Microsoft service, you can reset your Microsoft password in the E-Journal by yourself.

Follow the on-screen instructions and set your new password

Technical support

Watch the tutorials on how to use Microsoft Teams and Google Meet cloud services

If you have difficulty using Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, and you do not find the answer on this site, video tutorials and Google search - please, write: